The clouds still hanging over Facebook

David Mayes:

As John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems has pointed out, the corporate life cycle has accelerated dramatically, and Facebook is living proof of that fact.


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The stock market is a fickle beast. Although it’s been shown time and again to be a questionable measure of a company’s worth, there’s still this idea out there that a company is only as good as its stock price performance. Look at Facebook. In the past six months or so, it’s gone from a new tech giant with a twelve-figure valuation to one of the worst IPOs in memory.

And now, Facebook is facing a kind of redemption. It’s not an expensive joke anymore, it’s a company that has a bright future again. Or that’s how things seem if you look at its stock price. In the past three weeks, Facebook shares have risen from a low point of $19 to $28, a rise of 46 percent. Moreover, the rally has been a steady one, gaining for 11 of the last 12 trading days.

But the reality is, Facebook…

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One Comment on “The clouds still hanging over Facebook”

  1. M Saleem Chaudhry December 2, 2012 at 00:41 #

    Unfortunately, despite the influx of media and updated tools of I.T ,capacity for analytical evaluation has not increased much in people so most of them get carried away by glibb talks and apparent shining, over polished images by tricky agents of vested interest. The end result is what you’ve pointed out.


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