Yes, It Does Matter That Samsung Announced A Refrigerator with Evernote

David Mayes:

I can easily get making “smart appliances” with smart metering/smart grid, but beyond that I really am having a hard time imagining myself standing in front of the refer, using Evernote. LG tried putting a TV on a refer, but that idea didn’t take off

Originally posted on PandoDaily:

refrigeratorGadget reporters are a fickle bunch. The same people who get excited about the Internet of Things and the blurring distinction between the online and offline worlds had a field day with Samsung’s new, Evernote-equipped refrigerator, even going as far as calling it the worst thing ever.

That’s something we’re going to have to get over if the bridge between our online gadgets and our offline tools is ever going to be built. Some things, like adding an LCD monitor to a refrigerator, are easy to mock – especially when the price is revealed – but these are simply the casualties of our first foray into truly connected appliances. This is the beginning of this transition and, well, things are going to be a little messy, overpriced, and at times, silly.

Let’s not forget that cell phones didn’t always look like the glass- and aluminum-covered slabs that they…

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