Co-opetition: Open Industry Standards Always Win. The case for HTML5

David Mayes:

Creating open industry standards always wins, by creating a larger market for all competitors and platforms. This story has been repeated endlessly in technology markets. You would think after so many proprietary failures, it wouldn’t keep repeating itself.  HTML5 appears to be another case where an open industry standard has again created a win-win for all involved, including consumers.


Originally posted on PandoDaily:

htmlfiveThe evolution from static Web to mobile is an organic, shifting movement for publishers and advertisers. First publishers began creating mobile “versions” of their sites, containing limited content and kluge-y navigation. Next came native apps, smaller and more robust versions of sites with custom navigation. But the problem with apps is that they have to be rebuilt for every OS, every device.

The answer may be in HTML5. With HTML5, apps and mobile sites can be built once and function optimally across all screens, all operating systems, and all browsers. It makes the user experience of transitioning across devices and operating systems seamless — even capturing the native features of a mobile device, such as touch, GPS, and gyroscopic functions. It represents the potential end of the walled garden and the beginning of true standardization.

Even more significantly, because HTML5 powers mobile sites, app abandonment issues can be negated completely…

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