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With Microsoft, we are witnessing the incredibly accelerated life cycle of companies in high tech.. Innovate constantly or die.  Everything seems to ride on Windows 8, but what works for mobile may not work for large corporations looking only for a simple upgrade to their corporate desktops and laptops.

Wired Quote: ” after years asleep at the wheel, Ballmer is telling us that Microsoft is finally waking up” …Yeah right…Microsoft, Facebook, Groupon, Zynga and all the rest. We are witnessing an extraordinary tectonic shift in high tech. What is even more extraordinary is the failure of some prominent people to recognize it and accept

Post Author: David Mayes

Founder, Mayo615 Technology Partners Ltd., UBC adjunct faculty, Intel alumnus, technology assessment, international business, cleantech, fly fisherman, native Californian and citizen of France, who has been very fortunate to have traveled, lived and worked all over the globe. My wonderful wife, Isabelle has reintroduced me to my French Provençal heritage.

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