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Somebody bring me some garlic fries and a Heineken.  Sports writers all over America will be writing about this game tonight. A historic performance by the San Francisco Giants.  How I wish I had been there.

Tonight the “Kung Fu Panda”, Pablo Sandoval steps up to hit 3 Home Runs, a single, and 4 RBI’s in a World Series game, joining a very select club: Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, and Albert Pujols.

We watched Tim Lincecum play like the Cy Young Award winner that he is and get 5 K’s.  1st time one Cy Young Award winner has relieved another Cy Young winner.

Marco Scutaro maintains his NLCS MVP form and Barry Zito is very hot again. The stats on the Giants over the last three games alone are absolutely staggering. Barry Zito was like Kevin Costner in “For Love of the Game.”  Even Fox Sports is commenting on the return of Zito’s magic in the playoffs.  He wants to prove he’s got more to give.  For the first time in memory the fans are chanting “Barry, Barry, Barry”  but not the asshole you may remember.

Orel Hersheiser on Fox Sports calls AT&T Park fans the loudest in baseball.  The fun at AT&T Park is extraordinary, with the music of  Steve Perry and Journey reminding us of his “City by the Bay,” Michael Franti and Spearhead singing a SF Giants/Willie /Mays version of their song “Say Hey,”  a bit of Boz Scaggs “City Lights,”  and every game ends with Tony Bennett.

This has been a great ride.

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