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Despite the encroaching reality of Angstrom’s of design rule measurement, somehow Gordon Moore’s Law and its wonderful vision keeps on keepin’ on.

Moore’s Law, not a real law, but a great high tech rule of thumb that has worked for at least 40 years, continues to drive innovation in smartphones and tablet computing, and who knows what else?

We are now on the verge of quantum computing, memristors and other advances which must be attributed to the original vision and impetus of Gordon

Post Author: David Mayes

Founder, Mayo615 Technology Partners Ltd., UBC adjunct faculty, Intel alumnus, technology assessment, international business, cleantech, fly fisherman, native Californian and citizen of France, who has been very fortunate to have traveled, lived and worked all over the globe. My wonderful wife, Isabelle has reintroduced me to my French Provençal heritage.

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