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Paul Ottelini, Intel CEO, CES Keynote Speaker 2013

 Intel’s drive to dramatically reduce power consumption generally, and particularly traditional “leakage” or heat dissipation has enabled them to announce all-day battery life for many of Intel’s reference design phones, smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks, using the existing Ivy Bridge multi-core architecture.  Next generation processors are also now available, but have emphasized processing cycles over power economy in the first generation.

Intel’s drive into the consumer product spaces dominated by ARM continues to look promising, after previous failed efforts.

Perceptivity or “touch” computing was also one of the key themes this year.

 That means human-like senses getting into the devices, hopefully. And not just janky features that don’t really work. Dell is already launching demo software, and searches with voice, command and control with voice in games, interact with Wikipedia, and other features are already available.
Intel's New Chips: Everything You Need to Know
One of the ways that this could help would be security, and fixing all the idiotic passwords that people use. It can use face-unlock, and uses advanced imaging tech to recognize about 700 points on the face and muscular movements, so that it can’t be fooled by someone printing out your Facebook profile pic.

But most amazing is Intel’s push into Premium Pay TV with Comcast, allowing premium TV broadcasting directly to a PC or HDTV, without a set top box.  At first glance this looks a lot like “integrated” Google TV without a set top box…

So we now have NVIDIA jumping into gaming consoles, competing with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, and we have an Intel and Comcast partnership jumping into the intelligent integrated TV space, competing with Google, Apple and the big Asian HDTV manufacturers

There is going to be a market implosion like nothing since the nanosecond before the Big Bang.

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