The Second Most Important Communication Skill

Another excellent post on communication skills from Gregory LaMothe. While he is focusing on the sales process, frankly the concept here of interim summaries is about listening and feedback, equally valid for any serious communication process.


Get a group of competent salespeople together and ask them to share their most powerful communication skill.  What makes a good salesperson great?

Odds are they’ll all say the same thing, that they ask great questions. Consider what a carefully-framed question does in the interview:

  • It gets the prospect talking, and when the prospect is talking, he’s buying. You are silent.
  • It helps the prospect through his own self-discovery process. He learns what he needs by articulating it himself.
  • It provides information on needs, of course.
  • It tells the prospect that you are respectful and interested in him and his goals.  I like it when you ask me about me!

Gregory at Medtronic 10-2010 CroppedAnd there are dozens of great questions you can ask. I’ve written about many of them on this site for two years now.  Here are just a few useful ones that ought to be in your own memory bank of killer questions:

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