Infographic: This Is Why Your Resume’ Was Rejected

I have had numerous meetings with UBC Management students this week to discuss their career search. The most often asked questions were “Why are resume’s rejected? or “How do recruiters screen resume’s and applicants? or ” What can I do to rise to the top of the stack.” Here are some insights into the process.




I stumbled across a very interesting infographic today that I had to share. It details reasons why resumes (commonly known as CVs overseas) are rejected. As I reviewed it, I speculated how closely it mirrored the attitude of recruiters in the good ol’ Canada. My guess is that their reasons for rejecting a resume is pretty similar to ours.


Check out a few of their reasons:


1.  One typo on your resume and you are rejected

2. Applications are received within the first 200 seconds of posting a job. (Was yours among them?)

3. One in three employers reject you due to something they found online.  My students have all heard this from Colin Parker of Red Giraffe.