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In this presentation, I briefly summarize tactical and strategic marketing and their inherent tension, then evaluate traditional and emerging new alternatives in the sales development process, focusing on strategic marketing control and coordination.
This presentation should enable you to better understand how to optimize the coordination of sales performance with a strategic marketing plan.
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  • 1. Aligning Tactical and Strategic Marketing Execution David Mayes Lecturer Faculty of Management University of British Columbia http://mayo615.comm ©David Mayes
  • 2. MY GOAL : I will briefly summarize tactical and strategic marketing, then evaluate alternatives in the generation and conversion of qualified leads, focusing on the strategic marketing control function. When I conclude, you should better understand how to optimize the coordination of sales performance with a strategic marketing plan. 7/7/2013 ©David Mayes 2
  • 3. Topics • The Tactical and Strategic Marketing Context • Sales Development Techniques Evaluated – Traditional: Print Advertising and Trade Shows – Going Mainstream: Web/SEO/Blogs/Social Media – Rapidly Emerging: Big Data Marketing & Analytics • Summary 7/7/2013 ©David Mayes 3
  • 4. Marketing wants ”Mr. Right,” but Sales wants ”Mr. Right Now.” – Unknown The Sales and Marketing Conundrum What are some of the common symptoms of this? 7/7/2013 ©David Mayes 4
  • 5. Score MARKETING OPERATIONAL CONTROL PROCESS Handoff Detailed prospect information Evaluate post-sale With Marketing Capture Initial prospect contact Nurture Building relationship & and trust Score Prioritization of effort Strategic alignment: Customer Resource Mgmt., Win/Loss, Revenue Performance Mgmt., The Critical Role of Corporate Culture 7/7/2013 ©David Mayes 5
  • 6. sa STRATEGIES The roadmap STRATEGIC PLANNING & CONTROL PROCESS The right sales performance measurements The right sales results at the right time Specific objectives for all groups in the company. Strategic Long-range planning process involves the entire organziation. Strategic control points with sales management ©David Mayes 67/7/2013
  • 7. Operational Control • Account Management • Pricing •Customer Resource Management • Social media management • Big Data analytics •Revenue Performance Mgmt. (link to CRM) • Win/Loss Analysis Strategic Control •Strategic Long Range Plan (SLRP) • Critical Success Factors • Current State Analysis • ROI • SLRP Review & Revision • Corporate Culture • Objectives by group and indvidual MARKETING CONTROL METHODS AND TOOLS: 7/7/2013 ©David Mayes 7 Control Flow
  • 8. Sales Development Techniques Evaluated: Traditional • Print Advertising: – 2012: Online advertising surpasses print advertising – Print forecast grim through 2016 (Deloitte) – Highly targeted print still viable but difficult to manage, ROI in decline – Strategic control recommendation: CAUTION, CAREFUL MONITORING • Trade Shows: – Strong historical ROI, but B2B/B2C business culture changing rapidly – Tight budgets, growth of online: trade show value models shifting – “Las Vegas CES” life cycle syndrome evident in many trade show markets – Strategic control recommendation: LESS IS MORE 7/7/2013 ©David Mayes 8
  • 9. Sales Development Techniques Evaluated: Going Mainstream • Web/Search Engine Optimization/Blogs/Social Media Marketing – Website no longer sufficient: holistic online presence a necessary strategy – Small business lagging med./large business in online adoption – Mobile Internet usage to overtake PC by 2014 (Microsoft) – Location-based services (LBS) online ad spending to grow to $18B by 2016 – 70% of households now use the Internet for local products and services – The future is NOW in Hong Kong and Seoul – Hootsuite, Google Analytics, explosive growth of Web tools: • Rapid market insight, adaptation, responsiveness to customers/prospects – Strategic control recommendation: LONG TERM INVESTMENT PLAN 7/7/2013 ©David Mayes 9
  • 10. Sales Development Techniques Evaluated: Rapidly Emerging • “Big Data” Customer Marketing & Market Analytics: – “Zettabytes”: more data collected on us in last 2 years than all previous years. – Big Data analogous to the solution of “Chaos”: simple patterns amid masses of apparently meaningless unstructured data – Big Data market growth from $18.1 Billion 2013 to $47 Billion by 2017 (ClickZ) – Example: Target using Big Data to pinpoint new pregnant mothers for sales promotions – Example: Netflix “recommendations” use 1/3 of all data consumed (Mashable) – Small business solutions growing: Google BigQuery, AdWords (Forbes) – Competitive advantage requires resources and a clear strategy – Strategic control recommendation: INVEST NOW REVIEW QUARTERLY 7/7/2013 ©David Mayes 10
  • 11. Tactical and Strategic Marketing Tension Needs to be Defused • The critical role of corporate culture in enabling strategic control • Operational control enables strategic control Traditional Sales Development Methods In Flux • Print advertising undergoing massive decline and change • Trade show market redefining itself to deal with new realities Total Online Presence Is The New Sales & Marketing Benchmark • Velocity of change to a Web-based marketing world demands action • Instant insight, adaptability, responsiveness to customers and prospects Big Data Is Transforming How We Live, Work and Think • Customer prospect targeting entering a new dimension • Tools already available for businesses large and small SUMMARY POINTS 7/7/2013 ©David Mayes 11
  • 12. Suggested Reading 7/7/2013 ©David Mayes 12 Mayer-Schonberger, A. & Cukier, K. (2013). Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Weinberg, M. (2013). New Sales Simplified. New York: American Marketing Assn. Drummond, G. & Ensor, J., Ashford, R. (2008). Strategic Marketing – Planning and Control. United Kingdom: Chartered Institute of Marketing.


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