Now This Is Funny: Top Ten Reasons You’re Not Ready for Today’s Online World

This is not the Letterman Show.  But it is very funny..  Scott McNealy, former CEO of Sun Microsystem‘s keynote address at an enterprise computing conference held in Pacific Grove a month or so ago. Scott is not particularly well known for his humor and perhaps better known informally for his appreciation of ice hockey.  Someone must have helped him with this Top Ten list list of “reasons you ( or your Chief Information Officer) is not ready for today’s new online world.”

Top Ten List of Reasons You Are Not Ready For Today’s Online World.

10. “GolfShot” is the #1 cloud app on your mobile phone. This is McNealy’s poke at himself, a long time golf nut. 

9.  Your StarTac blurts out that “you’ve got mail.”  

8. You think Gmail is a typo

7. Myspace is your social media site

6. COBOL programming is a requisite for all your new hires.

5  Your grade school child is your tech support at home

4. You believe Computer Associates the leading an open source software provider

3. When someone mentions “Google glasses,” you type “glasses” into the search bar.

2. You are planning to implement OS2 on the desktop.

1. Big Data is a rapper.