Will the Internet of things turn into a Tower of Babel?


The emergence of smart devices means we can receive the same notification on everything in the house, from our phone to our TV to our air conditioner. The technology promises an unprecedented age of connectedness and efficiency — provided that the devices can speak to each other.

Right now, it’s unclear if the emerging internet of things era will produce a common platform, or else a series of silos that rely on proprietary protocols.

Chip maker Qualcomm is working to prevent the latter outcome, which SVP Rob Chandhok styles as a “Tower of Babel” scenario, by offering up its open-source AllJoyn platform as a common language for the IOT.

Speaking at GigaOM’s Mobilize event in San Francisco, Chandhok said the company’s goal is to create a world of interoperable API’s, and points to Tim Berner Lee’s success at building the world wide web 20 years ago; thanks to…

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