Technology Entrepreneurship: Free Stanford University Online Course

Stanford University’s free online course, Technology Entrepreneurship begins this week. I have agreed to be a mentor to a maximum of two entrepreneurial teams in this Stanford online course.

In addition to being free you can follow the course on your schedule via the posted video lectures. The course will be taught by Assistant Professor Chuck Eesley.  The recommended textbook, Technology Ventures, by Thomas Byers, Richard Dorf, and Andrew Nelson, is available as an etextbook on CourseSmart or Kindle.  The first three course videos are available online now.

I will also be working this term with Professor Thomas Hellman at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business on his Technology Entrepreneurship course. I will be scheduling time to meet with students for both the Stanford and UBC Sauder courses.  Further information  on dates and times will be posted here.

VIDEO: Stanford University E145: Technology Entrepreneurship, Introduction & Overview

Register for this free course here: Free Registration for Technology Entrepreneurship

Recommended Textbook


Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise

Byers, Dorf, Nelson

McGraw Hill

ISBN:  978–0–07–338018–6