Mayo615 Technology Partners is a global full-service technology industry consulting and e-learning firm for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), concentrating on six core competencies:

  • technology market assessment
  • strategic business development
  • access to capital
  • international markets
  • entrepreneurial team assessment
  • customized e-learning


Mayo615 Technology Partners’ breadth of experience gives us a distinct competitive advantage in providing the six most important core-competencies for small to medium-sized businesses in countries all over the world. Our focus on these six areas ensures that we can provide the most valuable and cost-effective results for our clients. The companies we serve are based in many different countries: Canada, France, India, Latin America, New Zealand, Scandinavia, South Korea, United States, and West Africa. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you or schedule a complimentary 30-minute introductory consultation powered by Microsoft Teams.

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Mayo615 Technology Partners is founded on the principle that “corporate culture trumps strategy.” We believe that the creation and nurturing of a positive corporate culture are at the core of successful companies. Culture must come from the top and be created from “leadership by example” in order to be integrated into every member of the organization. If our company cult aure is strong, and the team is right, the strategy will almost take care of itself.


David Mayes, founder of Mayo615 Technology Partners

David Mayes, the founder of Mayo615 Technology Partners, is a seasoned Silicon Valley veteran and an Intel executive alumnus. He has extensive experience in global markets throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim and has successfully launched his own companies in North America and Europe. He was the Director of New Zealand’s Silicon Valley technology incubator and taught management and entrepreneurship at the University of British Columbia. Mr. Mayes has been engaged since 2012 by the Canadian government to assist in the allocation of over $400 million in annual technology innovations grants, offering the greatest potential for benefits to the Canadian economy.

Mr. Mayes is a citizen of Canada and France, and a francophone.