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Catherine Deneuve defends men’s ‘right’ to hit on women and warns of a new “puritanism” – BBC News

Legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve and over 100 other prominent French women have today written a poignant editorial in Le Monde, warning of a new era of “puritanism” in the wake of the current wave of sexual harassment charges against women.  It should force all of us serious thinkers to reexamine the current very valid […]

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French Voters Reject Marine Le Pen’s Right Wing Politics of Fear

“Anybody but Le Pen”: French turn to tactical voting to stop far right In a stunning rebuke to Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France, French voters rejected her politics of fear. This is particularly poignant following the recent terrorist attack in Paris.  The Front National (FN) has traditionally been strong in Provence/Cotes d’Azur, its […]

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French Satirical News Show Only The Most Recent to Skewer Fox News

This issue began with Fox News alleged terrorism expert, Steven Emerson claiming that there were “no go areas” in England for non-Muslims. In an extraordinary turn of events, British Prime Minister David Cameron was asked to comment on Emerson’s claim, and replied that he had almost “choked on his porridge” when he first heard that claim, and that the alleged terrorism expert was “a complete idiot.” It was an extraordinary but necessary response from the PM, and both Fox News and Emerson apologized to Cameron. But the French were not done with Fox News.. at an extremely sensitive moment for the French, the Canal Plus satirical news show Le Petit Journal, described as something of a French version of John Stewart’s The Daily Show, decided to use classic French satire to further skewer Fox News. The brilliant stroke of genius, included fake news reports from Fox correspondents in Paris reporting from the alleged “no go areas.”

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Je Suis Charlie Hebdo

Je suis fier d’etre Francais aujourd’ hui. 3.7 Million people turned out in Paris today, officially. Yesterday, large numbers of people also marched in Nice, Toulouse, Lyon and Nantes.

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Startups Anonymous: The most expensive lesson I learned was to start a startup in Europe

There is little doubt that this story concerns France, my home country. There have been a number of stories about this recently, most notably “Au revoir entrepreneurs!” in the New York Times.

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My New “In Focus” Profile

David Mayes is an advocate for change. However, he is not just someone who shouts slogans from the sidelines, but has actually rolled up his sleeves to see change happen. Whether it is working with coalitions to influence global policies or teaching the next generation, David has had a chance to make a difference for the future. He currently teaches Entrepreneurship at UBCO where he has brought his experiences working in Silicon Valley to bear. He is known for being down to earth, easy to talk to and very friendly. Today David Mayes is In Focus.

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A Very Warm Summer Day: Reminiscent of Provence

Not much to say here, only that this is one of those special days when you can imagine the Okanagan morphing into a very warm summer day in a Provence. My preference would be a villa on the small lake near Isabelle’s home village. Salade Nicoise seems perfect for a day like this. That’s it!

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