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Management In The Brave New World: The Cloud, Big Data And Smart Mobile

This is the first in a series I will be posting on management education and the crucial link with cyber skills and awareness of how the Web works. Profound changes in the World of Information, “the cyber world,”  are dramatically impacting management: the urgent need for management to understand the brave new cyber world, to […]

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Seven Reasons Why Big Data is Worth Shifting a Career For

Seven Reasons Why Big Data is Worth Shifting a Career For.

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Inside Google Spanner: The Single Largest Database in the World The fascinating description of Google’s Spanner, arguably the single largest “known” database in the World leads me to wonder about the National Security Administration and the Defense Intelligence Agency, as much as Big Data and data mining.  Clearly, Spanner is a giant leap forward to a truly global database architecture that does not overload […]

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