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Vancouver D-Wave’s Groundbreaking Quantum Computer Sale to Lockheed Martin Aerospace

This is a very Big Deal, which increases the likelihood that Big Data will be a very Big Deal.

While the Canadian economy is expected to languish in the doldrums for the foreseeable future, D-Wave, a Vancouver quantum computing company, with e@UBC funding, is making big waves (pun intended). Seemingly out of the blue we now have two Vancouver companies that may be showing Canada the way out of its “natural resource curse:” D-Wave and potentially also Hootsuite.

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IEEE Seminar, February 6th, 5PM, EME 1151

    IEEE Okanagan Subsection Presents Mr. David Mayes Faculty of Management, Global Internet Group, LLP Big Data, the Cloud, and Smart Mobile: Big Deal or Not? Time & Date: 5pm-6pm, February 6, 2013 Location: EME 1151, UBC Okanagan campus Talk Abstract: We are hearing regularly in the media about so-called “Big Data.” Is Big […]

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Why Moore’s Law Keeps On Keepin’ On

Despite the encroaching reality of Angstrom’s of design rule measurement, somehow Gordon Moore’s Law and its wonderful vision keeps on keepin’ on. Moore’s Law, not a real law, but a great high tech rule of thumb that has worked for at least 40 years, continues to drive innovation in smartphones and tablet computing, and who knows […]

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