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Google Buys a D-Wave Quantum Computer

Earlier this week, I was advised by a VC friend in Vancouver to expect another blockbuster announcement from D-Wave. And so it has happened. As if to stem any further skepticism and debate about D-Wave’s quantum computing technology, Google today announced that it has bought a D-Wave quantum computing system, in a partnership with NASA and Lockheed Martin Aerospace. This is the second major sale of a D-Wave system, and further evidence that this is not simple tire kicking by a group of ivory tower scientists.

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Vancouver D-Wave’s Groundbreaking Quantum Computer Sale to Lockheed Martin Aerospace

This is a very Big Deal, which increases the likelihood that Big Data will be a very Big Deal.

While the Canadian economy is expected to languish in the doldrums for the foreseeable future, D-Wave, a Vancouver quantum computing company, with e@UBC funding, is making big waves (pun intended). Seemingly out of the blue we now have two Vancouver companies that may be showing Canada the way out of its “natural resource curse:” D-Wave and potentially also Hootsuite.

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Why Moore’s Law Keeps On Keepin’ On

Despite the encroaching reality of Angstrom’s of design rule measurement, somehow Gordon Moore’s Law and its wonderful vision keeps on keepin’ on. Moore’s Law, not a real law, but a great high tech rule of thumb that has worked for at least 40 years, continues to drive innovation in smartphones and tablet computing, and who knows […]

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