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How two-thirds of my students never showed up, but half of them passed

How two-thirds of my students never showed up, but half of them passed By Owen Youngman 6 hours ago Owen Youngman is the Knight Chair in digital media strategy at Northwestern University’s Medill School. He was an editor and executive at the Chicago Tribune. Taking attendance gives you the denominator. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji My first massively open online […]

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Cisco System’s Vision For Online Education Is Emerging Now

Google is driving the deployment of Gigabit Fiber to the Home (FTTH), which holds the promise of orders of magnitude higher bandwidth and dramatically lower cost. But people have asked the question, “what will people do with all of this massive bandwidth?” Now we are seeing actual glimpses into that future, and how Cisco Systems vision for the future of education is already emerging.

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How Gigabit Fiber to the Home Will Transform Education Way Beyond MOOC’s

The post below caught my attention because of the current industry debate and competitive battle over deployment of much higher Gigabit Internet bandwidth via optical fiber to consumers, known as Fiber to the Home or FTTH, at prices much lower than they currently pay for even 50 Megabit Internet connectivity. Gigabit connectivity is already a reality in Hong Kong and South Korea, with Europe not far behind. The big cable carriers, Comcast and Time Warner, have actually argued publicly that consumers don’t want or need higher bandwidth. How they came to that conclusion is a mystery. Now Google has entered into direct competition with the cable carriers, deploying Gigabit FTTH in Kansas City and Austin, Texas to be followed by other locations, at prices a fraction of Comcast’s pricing for lower bandwidth.

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Harlem Shake, Gangman Style May Spell End of Telecom Monopoly

Could Apple, Google and Intel  Save Net Neutrality?  Something potentially very important may be happening for the future of the Internet and Net Neutrality: online video broadcasting: participation and interactive television. It could portend an end of the current Comcast and Time Warner monopoly behavior, attempting to consolidate control, and essentially to censor content, by controlling both the carrier […]

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Inside Google Spanner: The Single Largest Database in the World The fascinating description of Google’s Spanner, arguably the single largest “known” database in the World leads me to wonder about the National Security Administration and the Defense Intelligence Agency, as much as Big Data and data mining.  Clearly, Spanner is a giant leap forward to a truly global database architecture that does not overload […]

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Deputy Speaker of the House Videoconference – Parliamentary Procedures and Practice

Assistant Deputy Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, MP Bruce Stanton, and Deputy Chair of the Committee of the Whole, will participate in a video conference with University of British Columbia Management students, Wednesday, November 28th, at 2PM in the EME 050 Lecture Hall.  Local MP Ron Cannan, representing Kelowna and Lake Country has been […]

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