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e@UBC spins ideas of researchers and students into the real-world

Konrad Walus’s business sounds almost too futuristic — three-dimensional printing of human tissues for use in research or therapeutics.

Since last fall, however, Walus and his partners have run Aspect Biosystems Ltd. through the Entrepreneurship at UBC program, taking an idea from their research labs to incorporation, formation of a viable business plan and on to discussions with a potential first customer.

“Aspect Biosystems could not have started in a garage,” Walus said. The scientists behind it needed the testing equipment and imaging machines that go along with the infrastructure of a major research university like the University of B.C.

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The Case For Fewer (Better) Entrepreneurs

In this post from PandoDaily, Francisco Dao hits the mark. Max Marmer of Startup Genome has also written in a similar vein on the Harvard Business Review blog, that we are over celebratising entrepreneurship. We need to be discouraging a few more people from entrepreneurship, based on sound assessment of character, which should also be […]

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Too Much Foam. Too Little Guinness: Accelerator Shakeout On The Horizon?

http://pandodaily.com/2012/12/03/we-know-accelerators-are-headed-for-a-shakeout-but-do-they/ I have an ominous feeling of deja vu. But it may not be all bad.  The “accelerator”  business appears to be at a strategic inflection point. The indicators are increasingly pointing to the need for a rethink. In 1849, thousands of aspiring gold miners arrived by ship at San Francisco.  Very quickly, enterprising citizens in […]

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