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How business schools are adapting to the changing world of work | CBC News

How business schools are adapting to the changing world of work Creativity, adaptability are now cornerstones of business education Brandie Weikle · CBC News · Posted: Dec 27, 2018 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: December 28, 2018 Students chat in a hallway at Western University’s Ivey Business School in London, Ont. Business schools say they’ve adapted their programming […]

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Industry Analysis: The Bigger Picture

Industry Analysis: The Bigger Picture by David Mayes on Jul 19, 2013 Industry analysis is not a well-understood discipline. It sits between macroeconomic analysis and market analysis and uses tools from both. It is most commonly associated with the financial services industry which produces guides for their investors. But there are also large global consultancy firms that specialize in industry […]

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Rogers Ranks Lowest In Canada Wireless Customer Care

Many observers and former employees say it is run like an offshore sweatshop, complete with stressful bullying No quality customer service can come from such a dysfunctional work environment. The gig economy philosophy is apparent with employee’s reduced to total submission to draconian work rules, total surveillance of all voice and written communication, and apparent high turnover. Burnout is common. Three years ago, there was something of a Sykes employee revolt, when a number of supervisory employees were fired, and an anonymous broadcast email was posted describing the poor management practices. Outsourcing like this has been a common means to cut costs in the wireless industry.

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The Importance of “Convergence” In Market and Industry Analysis

If You Get Technology “Convergence” Wrong, Nothing Else Matters I came across this book during my most recent visit to the UBC Vancouver campus.  As good as I think this book is at focusing attention, in workbook style, on the importance of market and industry analysis in new venture due diligence, there is an issue […]

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Uber’s Distortion of the Sharing Economy

I found this important editorial opinion piece in The Guardian, the UK journal. The point of this is, IMHO, a critically important moral issue. Many of these new corporate entities, Uber in particular, when viewed without their sheep’s clothing, are doing nothing more than joining the global corporate drive to eliminate the middle class, local […]

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Industry Analysis: Two Year Semiconductor Industry Portfolio Returns Nearly 33%

Students of Industry Analysis may be interested in this. For my January 2012 Industry Analysis course focused on the semiconductor industry, I set up an imaginary portfolio, using only industry analysis macro information. My Wall Street Journal portfolio of 13 semiconductor companies, covered a wide range of application markets. I would NOT recommend this as a serious portfolio strategy due to the highly cyclical and volatile nature of this industry. However, my overall gain over 2 years has been 32.87%. The top gainer, Micron Technologies (296.73%), lost its CEO in a plane crash after I invested but obviously recovered. The other two top gainers, ARM (112.70%), and Texas Instruments (56.71%) are both heavily involved in wireless communication chips.

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How To Answer The Dreaded “What is your biggest weakness?” Question

For my UBC students facing tough interviews, here is some serious advice on how to answer the dreaded “What is your biggest weakness? question. Reblogged from Forbes… 1/21/2013 @ 2:35PM |191,470 views How To Answer The Dreaded ‘What Is Your Biggest Weakness’ Interview Question Posture to counteract weakness and enhance blood flow to the brain (Photo […]

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Barclays, Others Expand FX Probe to Salespeople (The Wall Street Journal Europe, Nov 20 2013, Page1)

LONDON—Banks including Barclays PLC that are enmeshed in the global investigation into potential manipulation of foreign- exchange markets are looking into the possible roles played by their salespeople, according to people familiar with the…read more…

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Okanagan Marketing Summit 2013: Wednesday, November 20th

Okanagan Marketing Summit 2013 Wednesday, November 20th, 2013, Rotary Centre for the Arts Full Event Information and Tickets Here: Okanagan Marketing Summit Website Additional Contact Information The Okanagan Marketing Summit is being brought to you by Csek Creative. If you have any questions, please email info@csekcreative.com or contact us by phone at 250-862-8010 Additional Event Information The full day summit […]

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“So Do You Have Any Questions for Me?”

Joel Peterson, Stanford Business School Professor, and Chairman of JetBlue Airways, is the author of the LinkedIn post below. My MGMT 481 Strategy students will recall his YouTube lecture on corporate culture shown to our class.   In this piece, Professor Peterson emphasizes the importance of preparing in advance for your interviews, and responding intelligently […]

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