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New Global Mega Industry Battle Developing in the Internet of Everything

It has dawned on me that an entirely new Mega Multidimensional War of Titans is developing, entirely separate and distinct from the mobile smartphone Multidimensional Mega War of Titans. In many ways this new industry war may be more strategic, larger and more valuable than the smart phone war. The emerging new battleground is the Mega Global War of the Internet of Everything. The global players in this newly developing war are well known names in high technology: ARM, Broadcom, Cisco Systems, Intel, and Qualcomm, not to mention a new class of players like The Zigbee Alliance, Honeywell and a host of others. A number of small Canadian companies are also in the thick of this.

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Urban Legend of Free Wi-Fi For the Masses: Devil In The Details

I just finished a long chat with one of my longtime Intel colleagues in Oregon.  I have the great good fortune to be recognized as an “Intel alumni,”  which allows me to simply pick up the phone to update myself with a free private seminar on pretty much any high tech market topic.  I promise […]

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IEEE Seminar, February 6th, 5PM, EME 1151

    IEEE Okanagan Subsection Presents Mr. David Mayes Faculty of Management, Global Internet Group, LLP Big Data, the Cloud, and Smart Mobile: Big Deal or Not? Time & Date: 5pm-6pm, February 6, 2013 Location: EME 1151, UBC Okanagan campus Talk Abstract: We are hearing regularly in the media about so-called “Big Data.” Is Big […]

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