UBC Faculty of Management graduates may find this enlightening. Google’s Laszlo Bock has a simple formula that serves as the foundation for a great resume. AP Photo/Alan Diaz It’s not exactly E=mc². But for would-be job hunters, it’s probably a lot more useful.
In a Q&A-style interview with Google’s senior vice president of people operations Laszlo Bock, The New York Times’s Tom Friedman fished a few seriously helpful words of wisdom out of the search giant’s human resources chief. This one is perhaps the most concrete. How do you write a good résumé?

Baseball players, particularly pitchers, are known for being superstitious. These superstitions have been immortalized by characters like Pedro Cerrano, the Cuban center fielder and his doll Joboo, in the film Major League. Real life examples abound. But it now turns out that research has shown that following personal rituals may increase your self-confidence and actually help you ace a job interview or a big presentation.