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How Successful People Make Themselves Luckier

This article has resonated with me, and my own personal epiphany. It came to me as a university student, sitting on the grass in the university common area. I suddenly realized that I was my own boss, and I no longer cared much what other people thought of me. As the author says here, it was a sense of calm, and a moment that not everyone achieves. It is a variation on my own tag line…”The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Once again, I find that the key factor is people skills.

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How to Listen When The Speaker Is Ranting and Rambling

One of my biggest personal challenges, is listening to a speaker who is ranting and/or rambling. What is the main point they are trying to get across? Many times it is nearly impossible to figure it out.  I remember hearing someone off in the distance at an Iraq war demonstration in San Francisco, ranting into […]

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The Second Most Important Communication Skill

Originally posted on actionsystems:
Get a group of competent salespeople together and ask them to share their most powerful communication skill.  What makes a good salesperson great? Odds are they’ll all say the same thing, that they ask great questions. Consider what a carefully-framed question does in the interview: It gets the prospect talking, and…

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