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What Is The Point Of A University Degree, Anyway?

Years ago as a young buck, I sat on the university commons grass and pondered WTF it was all about. I made an immediate decision that I no longer cared what others thought of me. My mind would only be focused on things that were important to me. Secondly, I questioned the strict educational requirements for a degree and determined that I would focus on learning only from the very best professors on campus, and let the degree qualification chips fall where they may.

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Why I stopped teaching

We all have our own reasons why we stopped teaching. Some are voluntary, others involuntary. John Beck discusses many of the uncomfortable issues of evaluation and faculty politics that get in the way of the joy of teaching

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Management In The Brave New World: The Cloud, Big Data And Smart Mobile

This is the first in a series I will be posting on management education and the crucial link with cyber skills and awareness of how the Web works. Profound changes in the World of Information, “the cyber world,” Β are dramatically impacting management: the urgent need for management to understand the brave new cyber world, to […]

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