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Okanagan Economy And Jobs Market Likely To Worsen Next Year

Alberta Oil Economy Crash Reverberates in B.C. 2015 Seasonal Okanagan Economy Likely To Suffer BC Business low ranking of Kelowna jobs market only adds to the problem Just this week, Kelowna Now reported that Kelowna was ranked 17th in B.C. for the quality of its jobs market. Seven key economic indicators were used to help […]

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Norway Deals With Its “Natural Resource Curse” While Canada Does Nothing

CBC’s The National has tonight broadcast a public debate titled “The Politics of Oil” on the current oil economy crisis in Canada. A key issue exposed tonight was the contrast between Canada’s national policies on oil wealth and Norway’s. In the 1990’s both Canada and Norway debated how to manage oil wealth and created funds to invest for future economic development. Today, Norway’s national saving fund is worth $1.03 Trillion while Canada’s, actually Alberta’s fund, is worth only $17 Billion, and has barely increased since the late 1990’s.

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oil derrick

Canada’s Economy Battered Like A 3rd World Country By Forces Entirely Out Of Its Control

Ironically, in the now numerous accounts of how the current oil market came to collapse over the last few years and months, there are almost no references to Canada despite the importance of the oil economy to the nation. We have been mere bystanders in all of the complex series of events, and yet the […]

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Dananjaya Hettiarachchi

Toastmaster’s 2014 World Champion of Public Speaking – Worth The Time

 Dananjaya Hettiarachchi is the 2014 Toastmasters’ International World Champion of Public Speaking.  The seven minutes you will spend watching and listening to him is worth it.  

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Canada’s “Natural Resource Curse” Will Wreak Economic Havoc For A Decade

Those following international events have probably already seen the stories on Putin’s Russia, and the combined impact international economic sanctions, and now, the unexpected and unwelcome plummet in World oil prices. The Russian economy in 2015 will likely see a budget deficit of $20 Billion or more as the ruble collapses and oil prices plummet. The problem is global and expected by analysts to persist for the foreseeable future. Lesser developed countries like Venezuela and Nigeria, which are more dependent on their oil economies, are expected to see even greater impacts. Economists commonly refer to this as the “natural resource curse.”

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Robert Reich

The Heavily Discounted Value of a University Degree. What Has Happened?

When I graduated from a prestigious public university in California, my future was so bright I had to wear shades. Even with a seemingly worthless degree in the Humanities and Social Sciences, I managed to quickly land an entry-level management position at Intel Corporation, which became a rocket ride into the top marketing unit in […]

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Uber’s Travis Kalanick Plumbs New Depths As Silicon Valley’s Biggest “Jerk”

Even in the early golden years of Silicon Valley, there were “Silicon Valley Jerks,” and unpleasant corporate cultures.  Larry Ellison and Oracle are the first to come to mind. Oracle was known as a very hostile, unpleasant place to work and there was a revolving door of senior executives who were fired by Ellison or […]

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John Sperling, University of Phoenix Founder, Dies at 93

I had the great good fortune to know Professor John Sperling, Cambridge don, when I was an undergraduate student at San Jose State University. At that time, our campus was awash in great thinkers: visiting scholars Buckminster Fuller, Alan Watts, and a host of other eminent faculty. I knew Sperling as a friend and mentor, and worked closely with John and my friends with the SJSU student government: Dick Miner, Peter Ellis and others, some of whom went on to work with Sperling at the Institute of Professional Development and later at the University of Phoenix. My fondest recollection of John was as the catalyst for our symbolic burial of an ugly yellow Ford Maverick on the first Earth Day. John challenged us to define ourselves by what we would do to mark that day. It has become one of the defining events of the first Earth Day. But I also view John as the precursor of the current MOOC’s movement. John shook up the academic world with his revolutionary ideas about education. John created immense controversy but he also spawned significant change.

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Super Rich Guy to Billionaires: Get with the 99% Or Prepare for Revolution

Some people seem to be having a problem with Nick Hanauer. He seems to have pissed off a lot of people, but at the same time, he seems to be talking sense and to have achieved significant traction. This often seems to happen in times of turmoil and change. A multi-millionaire in his own right, but also someone with a profound liberal arts and humanities grounding, Mr. Hanauer has called “foul,” with the behavior of the 1%. I am personally fascinated with people like this, because I sense that Hanauer is somewhat like me. I worked with Ivy League MBA’s at Intel who said to me that they wished that they had my humanities education, while I told them that I wished I had their management education. I now teach management in a prestigious university and can comment intelligently.

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Too Many Apps. Too Little Money

Hopefully this comes as no surprise to many, but for some, alas, I am afraid they have yet to get the email. It’s yet another case of the 1% versus the 99%. Only one percent of Web app developers have made any real money, the other ninety-nine percent are SOL. Forty-seven percent of those, make absolutely no money or less than $100 on their app. Not surprisingly there are now over a million apps on the Apple store, and when you add all of the other sources for apps, you can see that the problem is coming to a head. I saw this coming over two years ago and wrote about the problem on this blog, citing a New York Times story published about that time, describing the dark underbelly of the Web app development culture. In a satire of the problem, last year The Onion published a gag story about a new app called “Squander” that enabled users to “geolocate others nearby who had also wasted $2 on the same app.”

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