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Strategic Business Development

Strategic business development is the process of determining the potential value of novel and visionary approaches to grow your brand, your market, and establishing your

Technology Market Assessment

Technology Market Assessment analyzes the level of convergence between a technology and a market opportunity. A highly innovative new technology has limited market value if

Access To Capital

Obtaining the capital necessary to fuel your business is daunting. Investors have unstated rules of etiquette, eccentricities, preferences, and processes. It is a delicate minuet

International Markets

When a small entrepreneurial company considers entering a foreign market, the obstacles are enormous. The first question should always be why? Each foreign market has

Entrepreneurial Team Assessment

Nothing in the entrepreneurial process is more critical than the formation and development of a strong team with complementary skills, strengths, and weaknesses: a team


E-learning includes individual one-on-one online meetings to webinars, massively open online courses (MOOCs) offered by universities and companies, all the way to augmented reality applications.

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Mayo615 Technology Partners is a global full-service technology industry consulting and e-learning firm for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), concentrating exclusively on six core competencies: technology market assessment strategic business

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Why Generalists Triumph

This week I want to share with you an important book I have just read, the New York Times #1 bestseller, “Range, why generalist triumph in a specialized world,” by David Epstein. Epstein’s main point is that detailed prior training and specialization is far less important than learning a broader way of thinking that draws on multiple disciplines.

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