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We are waiting to see how Harper‘s $400M very modest gesture to Canadian innovation will be invested, by whom, and how. We have had so many years stealing from Canada’s future, that one could easily claim that it is a moral travesty, depriving Canada of its future.   The obvious problem is that Harper is not Vinod Khosla. Harper is a closet climate change denier.  Harper’s vision is parochial and anti-democratic. While we have such a fragmented provincial political focus, we can only expect Harper to boost Alberta tar sands at the expense of the Canadian national economy and innovation.

This Techvibes article suggests that they may follow the Israeli government model, but the author is Israeli, has been there, done that, so she has some interesting insights.

Post Author: David Mayes

Founder, Mayo615 Technology Partners Ltd., UBC adjunct faculty, Intel alumnus, technology assessment, international business, cleantech, fly fisherman, native Californian and citizen of France, who has been very fortunate to have traveled, lived and worked all over the globe. My wonderful wife, Isabelle has reintroduced me to my French Provençal heritage.

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