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Multidimensional Mobile Market War: Silicon Rust Belt

In this, my third post on the dramatic and fascinating developments, shifts, and impacts of the Multidimensional Mobile Market War, the precipitous decline of the leading personal computer industry competitors, has become even more pronounced than anyone suspected. Last week, IDC and Gartner were in more or less violent agreement that the bottom had very suddenly dropped out of the PC market.

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Mobile World Congress: Smart Mobile Mega War Gets Even Weirder

New developments in the global smart mobile and tablet war at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain, continue to add to the intrigue, infighting and mega dollars being bet on this market…with little impact so far on the probable outcome. I have spoken with two colleagues who are in Barcelona this week watching it all unfold. Blackberry (the former Research in Motion), Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, and Microsoft, are all struggling and at risk, and making bold survival moves, with mega dollars. Meanwhile, Google and Android continue to consolidate their market dominance globally, but not without major worries about Samsung “wearing the pants” in the Android market.

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Urban Legend of Free Wi-Fi For the Masses: Devil In The Details

I just finished a long chat with one of my longtime Intel colleagues in Oregon.  I have the great good fortune to be recognized as an “Intel alumni,”  which allows me to simply pick up the phone to update myself with a free private seminar on pretty much any high tech market topic.  I promise […]

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